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It is not enough to avert a lapse when it is imminent, or to rely on putting things right afterwards.

The aim must be to create a school community in which pupils do not begin to consider behaving in such a way.

4 As with other matters that have attracted widespread concern, such as vandalism, we have made some proposals dealing specifically with the individual problem.

But these are not the most important of our proposals for the prevention of these very serious lapses in discipline.

Preliminary pages (1-18) Contents, Foreword, Membership, Summary Recommendations (20-53) Chapter 1 (54-56) The Enquiry Chapter 2 (57-66) The Nature of the Problem Chapter 3 (67-87) Teachers Chapter 4 (88-132) Schools Chapter 5 (133-141) Parents Chapter 6 (142-164) Pupils Chapter 7 (165-169) Attendance Chapter 8 (170-171) Police Chapter 9 (172-177) Governors Chapter 10 (178-194) Local Education Authorities Chapter 11 (195-203) Government Appendix A (205-210) Written evidence received Appendix B (211-212) Witnesses Appendix C (213-214) Visits Appendix D (215-280) Teachers and Discipline Appendix E (281-282) Selected bibliography Appendix F (283-292) Behaviour policies Elizabeth House York Road London SE1 7PH Direct Line 01-934 0507 Switchboard 01-934 9000 GTN Number 2914 Telex 23171 The Rt Hon Kenneth Baker MP Secretary of State Department of Education and Science Elizabeth House York Road LONDON SE1 7PH 31 January 1989 In March you asked me to lead an enquiry into discipline in schools in England and Wales and to make recommendations.

I have had the good fortune to be supported in this task by an energetic committee, experienced assessors and a small but exceptionally able and hard working secretariat. Their names, our terms of reference and methods of work are given in our report which I enclose with this letter. 1 This report contains recommendations which apply to many people who are not professional teachers or educational administrators and we hope it will be read by them.

You can scroll through it or use the following links to go to the various chapters.We have therefore avoided using the technical language of education whenever we have felt that this might conceal our meaning from the general public.Some of our comments may seem to specialist readers to be statements of the obvious.They are part of a range of proposals which, if taken together, can have a profoundly beneficial effect on conditions in our most difficult schools.[page 9] 6 Our recommendations also relate to the great majority of schools that are generally well ordered but in which significant improvements could still be made.

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THE ENQUIRY 1 The Committee of Enquiry into Discipline in Schools was established by the Secretary of State for Education and Science in March 1988 in response to concern about the problems facing the teaching profession.